The Importance of Great Customer Service


I just read an interesting study regarding the shopping preferences of today’s consumers. When asked about their buying decisions, 64% of the consumers polled said that the customer experience was more important than even price in making their purchase choice.

Hmm. Seems like a no-brainer: Offer your customers a great shopping experience and they will likely purchase your product. But you would be surprised at just how many flooring retailers fall short when it comes to providing good customer service. I know, because I hear stories all the time from customers who have “shopped around” for flooring and ultimately ended up making their purchase at Keystone Carpets.

So, what exactly sets us apart?

No high-pressure sales

We’ve all had the unpleasant experience of walking into a store and being greeted by a high-pressure salesman. They come on way too strong and when they determine that you are not going to buy from them drop you like a hot potato. At Keystone Carpets, we understand that flooring is a big investment – and one that you will live with for many years. We never want you to feel rushed in making your purchase decision. With our free in-home estimates, we save you time and gas, no back and forth driving to the big box stores. You have the opportunity to see flooring samples in your home with your own lighting to best match your style and décor. We help you find the best flooring to fit your lifestyle and budget. And will gladly answer any questions or concerns you have about flooring and its care and warranties. We want to provide the best shopping experience you can have in your search for a new floor.

We’ll never “yes you to death”

Shopping for new flooring can be a bit confusing, to say the least. With so many flooring options, different brands, quality levels, and prices, it’s hard to know what type of flooring will work best in your particular situation. That’s where our many decades of experience in the flooring business comes into play. We know our products and how well each will perform under certain conditions. So, while some stores will gladly sell you anything your heart desires if we think the product you’re choosing might not be the best fit for your needs, we’ll tell you. We’ll always offer you options that may work better.

No “hidden” costs

Some stores like to focus primarily on the cost of flooring material alone. At Keystone Carpets, we prefer to give you the full picture. This includes the cost of additional materials (if needed) such as trims, risers for entryway transitions, subfloors, haul away, etc. During our free in-home visit our expert sales associates will visit your home or office to measure your space and tell you exactly what is needed for your total installation. Our price quotes reflect the true final cost for getting your floors done.

Expert installations and maintenance advice

As a local specialty flooring store, we have formed many longstanding customer relationships as most of our business is through returning customers and referrals.  We are experts in flooring installations. This allows us to confidently stand behind your flooring installation, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

Aside from proper installation a major factor in a floor’s wear life is its ongoing maintenance. That’s why we take the time to explain the proper maintenance of your new flooring. And should you have any questions, we will be here to answer them – long after your installation is complete.

See for yourself

Schedule a Free in-home estimate and experience great customer service for yourself.kcshawfloorsbanner

How Long Does Carpet Last?

Samples of a few of the colors and styles you can see in your home

How Long Does Carpet Last?

If you’re asking “how long does carpet last?” then chances are your carpet is on its last leg.

The reality is that how long your carpet lasts has a lot to do with how it is taken care of and the amount of traffic it sees. At the end of the day, you don’t really have much control over the traffic your carpet sees. The different rooms in your home tend to attract certain amounts of traffic and it’s hard to control that. For example, your living room will often attract the most traffic of any room in your home since it is a favorite stop for kids, pets and relaxing. Your living room or family room will also be the place for company to gather, celebrations to be had and games to be played. The carpet in this room will be get a significant amount of traffic. On the other hand, smaller rooms like offices and guest bedrooms may receive very little if any traffic on a regular basis.

The other major factor in how long your carpet will last is how you take care of it. The main causes of carpet wear is trapped dirt and stains. Stains can make even a brand new carpet look old and dirty so removing stains as quickly and completely as possible is essential for the long life of a carpet. Since hiring a professional cleaner isn’t always feasible for every stain, it is a good idea to have some carpet stain fighters on hand like Shaw Floor’s R2X Stain and Soil Remover available for free through us, with purchase of carpet and pad.

Trapped dirt is also one of the major causes of carpet wear. Trapped dirt includes dust, sand and other debris carried in on your pets and shoes. This sand and debris have sharp edges that will grind into and cut the fibers of your carpet leaving bald spots and ruining the pattern. As your carpet is walked on, the dirt will get ground down deep into the fibers where it can be very difficult to remove, discoloring your carpet and making it look dingy, even after a good cleaning. Unfortunately the effects of trapped dirt in your carpet are almost always irreversible. If your carpet has begun to look worn due to a lack of regular cleaning, the only option is to replace it.

Since the life span of your carpet is so dependent on its use and care, you have to look at more than a calendar to tell if it’s time to replace your carpet. There are a few different ways you can tell if it’s time to replace your carpet. First, if there are any strong odors or obvious stains it is most likely time to replace your carpet to keep your home up to date. Second, if the carpet padding is starting to lose its cushion, it can be time to replace the padding and your carpet. Lastly, if your carpet is showing visible signs of wear like bald spots, unraveling pile or matting then it is time to replace your carpet.

When you are ready for new carpet contact Keystone Carpets, the premier carpet team in the Spokane area. We are your number one source for commercial and residential carpet sales and installation. We offer professional on site measurements of your space, removal of your old carpeting and a wide variety of new carpet options that we will install for you. For more information, you can visit our website for information on our carpet products and services.


Life Happens!

Because Life Happens …There’s LifeGuard Carpet from Shaw Floors
LG-WB300X250CHILD-2016 (1)Life happens – almost when you’re not even looking. Your 4-year-old spills her juice. Your new puppy doesn’t make it to the backyard in time. Oh, no! You just spilled your morning coffee!!

When it comes to selecting carpet for your home, you need a carpet that not only looks good but can also stand up to life’s “little accidents.” That’s why I’m excited to tell you about the newest development in the world of carpet – LifeGuard from Shaw. If you have pets or small children, you’ll definitely want to check out this new carpet technology.

So what exactly is LifeGuard?
LifeGuard is a revolutionary carpet protection system in that it covers the entire product – from the carpet fibers all the way through to the carpet backing.

On the face of the carpet is Shaw’s exclusive R2X stain and soil resistance system. Unlike conventional stain repellents, which protect only the surface of the carpet, R2X provides complete carpet protection – from the top of the yarn to the bottom. In carpets treated with R2X, spills that reach the base of the yarn don’t penetrate the fibers. This allows you more time to react when an accident occurs. And even after repeated carpet cleanings, R2X continues to perform.

But with most hard-to-clean stains, the issue isn’t so much in cleaning the carpet. It’s more about the carpet padding below. Once a spill or stain penetrates the carpet padding, cleaning the carpet’s surface may initially remove the stain, but as the carpet dries, moisture from the soaked padding wicks back up into the carpet. And low and behold, the stain reappears – and so do odors, especially if the stain happens to be pet urine. What sets LifeGuard apart from typical stain-resistant carpets is its highly water-resistant backing made of a soft thermoplastic, which literally provides a barrier that prevents spills from soaking through to the carpet pad and subfloor below. While similar waterproof backings can be found in many commercial-use carpets, LifeGuard is the first carpet to offer this technology for residential use.

Flooring Protection … or Magic?
We all know what a mess coffee can make when spilled on carpet. So what happens when hot coffee is spilled on a LifeGuard carpet? We performed Shaw’s LifeGuard test, and the results were pretty amazing. The spilled coffee quickly balled up on the surface of the LifeGuard carpet. A dry white towel was used to soak up the coffee, after which the carpet was blotted with a wet white towel, and surprisingly, the carpet was clean. There was no lingering coffee smell – and absolutely no coffee went through to the backing!

Anso Nylon means ultimate warranty protection including:
•Lifetime stain and soil warranties
• 25 years on texture retention, wear, and Quality Assurance Plus all warranties are transferable, non-prorated and labor inclusive, including stairs and hallways.
Because Life Happens is built with Anso® CrushResister High-Performance Nylon, it will look newer longer. And has a faster drying time after professional cleaning. You can feel good about your purchase because LifeGuard products are designed to be recyclable at the end of their lives.
Come See for Yourself
LifeGuard is not only stain resistant, it’s also available in a number of textures, patterns, and colors to match most any décor. So if you’re shopping for the latest carpet styles but are concerned about potential stains, we’re confident this product will satisfy your needs. Stop by our showroom to see a demonstration and check it out for yourself.

LifeGuard from Shaw Floors: Waterproof Carpet or Magic?


Shop Local Businesses

More reasons why a local source for home flooring is the right call

Spokane County is growing and becoming more heavily populated each year. Our business district is evolving, filled with entrepreneurs, local and big businesses. When you’re considering changing your home flooring, you’ll have plenty of companies to choose from. However, it’s important that you opt for a local business instead of going with one of the larger home improvement retailers that are nationwide.
There are lots of reasons that local businesses are the right call, and taking a look at some of the top reasons will help you see just why they deserve your business:
• They’ll Consult With You – Sometimes the hardest part about getting new flooring is just the process of choosing the flooring that’s right for your home. Good local businesses will actually discuss your options with you, will come to your home with samples to help you find the perfect choice for your needs.
• They’ll Offer Local Friendly Choices – Different flooring works better in certain areas, and local businesses can help point you towards flooring that is popular in your area and that offers benefits specific to the Spokane/CDA region – something larger chains may not be able to do.
• They’ll Provide Better Customer Service – Since they’re local and smaller, local businesses care a lot more about satisfying customers and making sure they are happy with the results of their flooring. Customer service is always better with a local business, and far more personal.
• They’ll Arrive And Finish Faster – You’ll get faster results from local businesses. Not only will they start your flooring install sooner, they’ll finish faster as well.
• You’ll Know More About Them – Thanks to word of mouth and the ability to check out a business on your own, it’s easy to learn a lot about a local business before you commit to using them. This helps ensure that you choose one you’re totally satisfied with.
• They Can Work With Your Budget More Effectively – By talking to a flooring professional about your budget, you can look at all of the options available that fall within your price range. Plus, local sources may offer special deals or be more flexible with the flooring price since they’re not tied to the prices set by a national chain’s standards.
If you’re looking for new floors, it’s well worth considering the numerous benefits offered by a local source. Chances are, they’ll offer you the floors you need at a price you’ll be satisfied with.LG-WB300X250CHILD-2016 (1).jpg

Keystone Carpets reviews

We have been busy, as usual. Our online presence has a life of its own. We are trying to take before and after pictures of the jobs that we are doing throughout the week. We are having limited success. We are increasingly focused on getting the job done efficiently and correctly than we are taking before and after pictures. We are trying though.

Changes are happening in the background of the company. We have added a social media manager, another office manager/secretary, and an additional installation helper, all part of the family. We have also changed a few processes and will continue to update our processes for the foreseeable future.

If you have bought or had your flooring installed by us, THANK YOU and we could use a review on either Google+, Angie’s List, Facebook, and anywhere else you can supply a review on our company. We thrive on being the best flooring company with the best installers. If you have any flooring questions, would like to have us come out to show you samples, or would like us to repair an issue that another company installed, you can give us a call (509) 467-7000 and we will do what we can to help you out. Thank you for your support! We appreciate it.


Working on my computer skills.

Good day to you… I said, GOOD DAY!

Keystone Carpets and WWSC has had some significant changes over the last couple months.

Keystone Carpets is changing up a few things in the office. We, ahem Me, are trying to get away from being the cheapest dealer in the Spokane area. We offer a completely different experience from what you get at the big box stores. We are a family run and family owned flooring dealer. Our installers go above and beyond what most installers will do. We fix what others install.

We have the best and the most innovative tools for the job and we will NOT skimp on any job. We use the power stretcher on every job. If we don’t have the right tool for the job, we go out and get it. It doesn’t pay to use cheap materials or try to “get by” with what we have available. Our seaming irons are not the old fashioned seaming irons that you may or may not have seen used in your home. Our seaming iron system uses microwaves to heat up the seam tape and the seam glue to create a triple bond in the carpet seam… But… The best thing about our seaming system is that it can be used on not only carpet, but Laminate, LVT, Vinyl, etc. We can do repairs easily with our system and it turns out very, very well. In fact, right now, Jeff, Eddie and JJ are out fixing an Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) job for which they will be using the seaming system with a special double stick tape.

We are trying to get away from all of the paperwork that has been scattered around the office for the last 29 years. We are incorporating hard drives, software, clouds and other technology’s to make things easier on everybody. Especially our fantastic returning clients.

On the Westwood Strength and Conditioning side of things, we have continued to add pieces to our ever growing garage gym. We have a Rogue P4 pullup system on its way to me now. Wooo! I am excited about the way this is all coming together. Pictures will be forthcoming in the next week.

I want to thank you for keeping up with this blog with as little as I have updated it over the last year. Have a great day! You are all fantastic!


Mark Boogie

Best vacuum for carpet

I get this question all of the time. “What is the best vacuum to use?”

what most people do not realize is that vacuuming is very similar to changing the oil in your car. It is THE most important thing you can do. With that being said, here is what I found for the best vacuums for carpeted floors. Enjoy!

The Best Vacuums for Carpet Floors

Buying a vacuum cleaner is more complicated than it used to be. The possibilities are endless—there are upright vacuums, canister vacuums, robot vacuums…bagged or bag less models and cord or cordless in any number of colors and price points. Variety has its benefits, but the process can seem a bit daunting for most. A vacuum is more than just an appliance, it’s the tool that keeps your carpets clean and hair free, and finding the right one for your home can be stressful!

Types of Vacuums on the Market

Carpet poses the toughest challenge for most vacuums; therefore it is beneficial to focus your search to vacuums that excel on carpeted areas (if you have any in your home). When looking for a vacuum specifically for carpet, upright models are the most popular and typically yield the best results as they are designed primarily for carpets and rugs, (but can be used on tile and hardwood as well). The best carpet vacuum brands to consider in the industry are Dyson, Hoover and iRobot.

During your search, keep an eye out for vacuums with HEPA filters, as they are the best type of dirt filtration one can find in a vacuum. HEPA filters remove even the smallest particles of dirt, dust and pet hair from your carpet. This feature is especially important for those with allergies or asthma, as vacuums with non-HEPA filters tend to push dirt, dust and pet hair particles into the air.

Best Vacuum Brands

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete: For years Dyson has been synonymous with technological advancements and reliability. Dyson is known for their upscale design, strong suction, innovation and amazing cyclonic technology. Dyson vacuums’ notoriously strong suction allows removal of dirt and pet hair with ease. It therefore comes as no surprise that a Dyson vacuum its ranked across the board the top upright vacuum in the industry.

The Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum encompasses everything a vacuum should be—lightweight, bag less and powerful. This vacuum is ideal for those looking for a powerful vacuum without investing in a heavy-floor cleaning machine, as it has double the suction power of any other vacuum currently on the market.

The new streamlined design of the latest DC65 has fewer parts on the outside of the vacuum. Not only is this design more appealing it is also more efficient, as the previously-external parts no longer get in the user’s way while in use. This Dyson model features a lifetime HEPA filter and shorter stiffer bristles than ever before, allowing the vacuum to clean carpet—especially deep pile and shag better than ever before.

All in all, if you are looking for a cutting edge, powerful vacuum the Dyson DC65 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum is for you. But top performance comes at a price–$649.99 to be exact.

Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus: Hoover has been a trusted, dependable household name for vacuums and a leader in the home appliance sector for generations. They offer vacuum models in all shapes and sizes—from upright, to stick, canister and handheld. Hoover differentiates their vacuums from the competition by offering select models at a lower price point than others of comparable ability and features.

Hoover vacuums offer high value vacuums at lower prices, a key benefit of Hoover’s current chart topper—the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus. This Hoover model has excellent suction and overall quality for a vacuum priced around $100.  It features Wind Tunnel Technology, a Hoover-patented feature that allows for maximum dust and dirt-gathering ability with minimal scatter and blowback. The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series also features an indicator to tell you when the filter is dirty and needs to be replaced, and a retractable cord—both features typically only found in higher-end vacuums.

This Hoover model highlights where the brand’s true strength lies—its ability to adapt to technological advances and incorporate consumer preferences into their product. If you are looking for a rather inexpensive alternative to Dyson’s DC65, the Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet Rewind Plus is the vacuum for you.

Robot Roomba Series: Robotic vacuum cleaners are another modern option for carpet cleaning. Though they are pricey, whether you are at home, work or on vacation—a robotic vacuum is able to keep your floors clean 24/7.

iRobot’s Roomba Series of robotic vacuums are top contenders in the vacuum industry, as they offer an automated alternative to floor cleaning. The sheer convenience of a robotic vacuum alone has won iRobot’s Roomba significant praise in recent years. Though the Roomba does not deep clean, it picks up 98% of dirt, dust and pet hair as it self-adjusts between floor types for optimum floor cleaning.

There are a number of Roomba models at varying features including one, in some cases two HEPA filters, and priced $400-$700. Though robotic vacuums are pricy, for some the convenience of automation outweighs the purchase price.

For more information on vacuum styles and features, contact your local flooring professional!

SOURCE: Consumer Reports, Smart Review, Good Housekeeping, Comparaboo, iRobot,,


Hello Blog readers.
We have been a busy bunch over the last couple months. Sorry for the delay. Every job just seems to be more of the same. Some jobs are easier than others, but mainly just staying busy is the key. Keystone Carpets has definitely held up its fair share. There are times when we get to a house and start pulling up the old carpet and pad and find things we really don’t want to find. I’m sure you can imagine some of those things. (hint: they usually involve pets and odors.) We recently pulled up the old carpet and pad from a 1940’s house. By the pictures below you can see the surprise that awaited us. Yes, that is original linoleum. #Awesome…  WP_20140916_002




Big jobs galore

We have had big job after big job this last week. All of our customers are replacing the flooring in their whole house. We greatly appreciate the business and will do everything in our power to make sure our customers are completely satisfied with our work. The before and after pictures from a recent basement we did really does not do it justice, but you can get a good idea. We pulled out and disposed of the old stained berber carpet and replaced it with a beautiful patterned cut and uncut berber carpet with a 10# pad. It is a fantastic job, if I must say so myself.
We also installed 520 sq.ft. of a dark hickory laminate in the upstairs of which I forgot to take the after pictures for. Booo me…
Anyway, thanks for checking out our website and blog post.

Keystone Carpets



Big jobs

Good afternoon. It has been a busy few weeks for us here at Keystone Carpets. We have traveled all over the region pulling up old carpet and installing new flooring for our customers. We have been to Addy, Suncrest, South Hill, Harrison, Hayden and Post Falls, ID, northside, southside, east and west. All of these jobs have been challenging and sweat inducing, but the final results on all of them have been happy customers. They are getting the flooring they need in an extremely timely manner.
Very few jobs take more than a day for our incredibly hard working installation crew. Myself, my brothers-in-law, Jeff and Eddie, and my father-in-law, John are the ones you will see when we sell you the flooring you want. We are the installation team. Most companies have 1-2 workers on any job, we have 3-4 on every job. If you need a job done right and quickly, while also getting the best bang for your buck, then give us a call at 509-467-7000.
Thank you for your time.

P.S. Before and After of a room in Spokane Valley. The after picture is before vacuuming. Did I mention that we vacuum the rooms with the new flooring?