Learning is FUN! Life is about learning. “They” always say that if you aren’t learning, you aren’t living. I have been a huge proponent of learning new things. I am now learning about starting a business. I have taken numerous business classes as my beautiful blushing bride keeps pointing out, but man, oh man, this is different. I like it. Bring on more books.

Speaking of learning, I am starting a Boot Camp in November. Location: to be determined. It will run for 4 weeks, 3 times a week (M,W,F), at 5:30pm. We will have a warm-up, go over different skills, do a workout, and discuss different topics during the cool down. Let’s get started! This Boot Camp will teach you all of the basic movements you will need to become stronger and more conditioned. See how I did that? PF Strength and Conditioning? Never mind. ¬†You will learn about what your body can do in as little as 4 weeks. This program grows upon itself. You will need to attend all of the classes in succession to achieve the greatest results. We are here for you, and we need your commitment.

Get outside and learn about the trees in your neighborhood. Get outside and learn what your neighbor likes to wear when getting the newspaper in the morning. Get outside and learn what the weather is doing. Get outside and learn what your body can do for you and your family. We are amazing machines. You are able to find out for yourself. I can teach you if you are willing to learn. I can’t wait to see and/or meet you! Have a great day!