Another big job for the boys of Keystone Carpets

Another big job for the boys of Keystone Carpets

Our great customers decided to cover up the stained concrete with some new carpet. The noise was just too much. What a lot of people don’t understand about hard surfaces is that there is more echoing in the house. New pad and carpet will not only decrease the echo, but it will increase the comfort and warmth of the house. So, if you are having thoughts about covering up your basement floor, you might think about putting in some new pad and carpet.
Thank you for your time.
And thank you to our wonderful customers!

Finishing touches

WP_20140613_001  We finished up a job on Friday. Actually, we completed the job a few weeks ago, but our wonderful customers decided we had done such a great job that they invited us back to do the other bedrooms that we didn’t do the first time. It is surprising just how often this happens when new flooring is installed. Thank you for having us back to help make your house beautiful! The picture shows Jeff using a power stretcher in the master bedroom.


Update: We have finally finished up the move to Spokane, change in career on multiple levels, and am now ready to get back to it. I haven’t trained anyone for quite some time and I need to. I have the equipment and the know how. Let’s get something done.

Anyway. The house is coming together. Our garden is starting to blow up. Our grass is being mowed often by myself and family. the kids are home all day now for the summer. Hmm… (Home schooling next year is a possibility…) Carpet and flooring is being sold and installed. I am reading Dave Ramsay’s- Total Money Makeover. YEAH! A good time is being had by all… 

This weekend was a good weekend to start working out again. 6 months is much to long to be away from the weights. This weekend I ran a total of 3 miles, did 100 pullups, slowly, multiple sets of 20 situps and pushups as needed to keep myself awake while learning about military intelligence. Anyway. I am rambling and nothing seems to be making much sense in this post. I’m still going to publish it. Take that, The MAN! 

I’ve missed you all. Have a great week.