Working on my computer skills.

Good day to you… I said, GOOD DAY!

Keystone Carpets and WWSC has had some significant changes over the last couple months.

Keystone Carpets is changing up a few things in the office. We, ahem Me, are trying to get away from being the cheapest dealer in the Spokane area. We offer a completely different experience from what you get at the big box stores. We are a family run and family owned flooring dealer. Our installers go above and beyond what most installers will do. We fix what others install.

We have the best and the most innovative tools for the job and we will NOT skimp on any job. We use the power stretcher on every job. If we don’t have the right tool for the job, we go out and get it. It doesn’t pay to use cheap materials or try to “get by” with what we have available. Our seaming irons are not the old fashioned seaming irons that you may or may not have seen used in your home. Our seaming iron system uses microwaves to heat up the seam tape and the seam glue to create a triple bond in the carpet seam… But… The best thing about our seaming system is that it can be used on not only carpet, but Laminate, LVT, Vinyl, etc. We can do repairs easily with our system and it turnsĀ out very, very well. In fact, right now, Jeff, Eddie and JJ are out fixing an Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) job for which they will be using the seaming system with a special double stick tape.

We are trying to get away from all of the paperwork that has been scattered around the office for the last 29 years. We are incorporating hard drives, software, clouds and other technology’s to make things easier on everybody. Especially our fantastic returning clients.

On the Westwood Strength and Conditioning side of things, we have continued to add pieces to our ever growing garage gym. We have a Rogue P4 pullup system on its way to me now. Wooo! I am excited about the way this is all coming together. Pictures will be forthcoming in the next week.

I want to thank you for keeping up with this blog with as little as I have updated it over the last year. Have a great day! You are all fantastic!


Mark Boogie