About Us

The Mission

Keystone Carpets: To enhance your quality of life through your beautiful home via new flooring.

WWSC: To create an ever expanding quality of life for friends through education of fitness, nutrition and personal development.

We Value


We will meet and exceed the expectations of our friends through constant encouragement of ourselves and others.


Honesty is the key to all things. We strive to continue our character building through being trustworthy, honorable, and decent in all activities.


We will work harder than others. We will succeed in our endeavors, be they large or small. be relentless in our efforts to meet and support the needs of our members.

Westwood Strength and Conditioning

So what is Westwood Strength and Conditioning? It is a program that will get you into the best shape you have ever been in. Each workout will be different. This means that each workout is unique, they all utilize full body movements, and are done with increasing intensity. You will learn something new. You will learn how to use your body. You will achieve the goals that together we can accomplish.

WSC uses any combination of gymnastic (pull ups, rings, handstand push ups, etc), cardiovascular (rowing, running, etc), and weightlifting (power, olympic, kettle bell, etc) movements to form workouts. This combination is all encompassing when it comes to becoming physically fit.

Each class will include a thorough warm-up, quality instruction and coaching, and a workout that will make you work, then we will get you back to your regularly scheduled day in under 1 hour.

Anybody can do this. Kids, elderly; healthy, sick; athletes, non-athletes. The best thing about it is you will all become athletes before you know it. We don’t use machines, we teach our friends how to use their bodies to become the machine!


Mark Bruggeman – Head CoachDSCN4486

I started my fitness experience at CrossFit Spokane in 2007. I became a CrossFit (CF-L1) trainer in 2008, Easter weekend. Robb Wolf of “The Paleo Solution” fame, was one of the seminar staff members. I learned all of my nutrition from that guy, and of course, my wonderful wife. Soon there after, I joined the Air Force/Air National Guard. Moved to Biloxi, MS and started coaching at CrossFit Biloxi Beach as they opened their doors to me. I moved back to Post Falls and trained with Mike and Casi Russert at CrossFit Uncaged. I then proceeded to move to Great Falls, MT where I helped train some amazing athletes at Big Sky CrossFit.  Owner and Head Coach of BSCF, Ryan Smith, taught me as much as he knew over the last 3 years.

Opening a gym has been a dream of mine since I first found out about CrossFit in 2007. Unfortunately, my Air Force career seemed to get into the way. I have been training friends for the last 5 years across the United States. What I want to do is create a community. I want to change lives through health and wellness. I want to help others use their bodies the way they are suppose to be used. I plan to increase my knowledge through seminars via CrossFit, MovNat, ANSI, ISSA, etc.

The question asked of me at every stop was, “Why don’t you open a gym?” So, here I am. With 200+ hours of instruction per year over the last 4 years, Westwood Strength and Conditioning is born.

I am a veteran of the United States Air Force. I am married to Jerolyn, the woman of my dreams, and we have 3 awesome kids. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences and an Associate’s degree in Weather Technology.

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